Review: Undivided by Neal Shusterman


Publication Date: October 14, 2014

Everything has come down to this.

Connor and Risa try their best to bring sense into a world that has long since lost normalcy. Lev fights for what he believes in with every fiber in his body. Starkey wants to see change and be heard.

With an invisible timeline seemingly growing shorter, nothing about life is safe anymore.

Rating: 5 stars

I was so excited to jump back into this book because it meant finally finishing a series that I've wanted to finish for years. I needed this immediately to pull me out of a slump that I had fallen into at the end of BookTubeAThon, and while it managed to pull me out for just this book, I promptly fell back into a slump after finishing this.

If I thought that the previous books were action-packed, this managed to be even more so. I loved seeing all the action in this book and watching everything come together after picking up on all the little clues throughout the series. It had been awhile since I've binged through a series that kept me engaged and thinking the entire time.

One thing that I need to heavily applaud Neal Shusterman for is surprising me with the ending. I wasn't able to tell what direction this was going in because my mind was spinning with possibilities. Yet, nothing that I came up with could have ever come close to how perfectly Neal Shusterman had planned to finish off the series in one of the most satisfying endings I've experienced in a long time. In fact, I can't think of the last time I finished a series with this much satisfaction.

I so desperately want to go into more detail to talk about this, but it would spoil so much of the series. I just want people to pick up these books and give them a shot. This series is so incredibly underrated and I never hear people raving about it. So, I'm gonna rave about it by myself and encourage everyone to pick up this series.

Connor needs more recognition as a male MC in the reader world. I loved seeing how his character arc finished developing by the end of the book, and it made me feel like I was looking at an old friend. I love that.

Risa's character development over the series is more subtle than Connor's, but I love how much of a role model she becomes. Though I'm older than she is by the end of the series, I look up to her strength and perseverance as traits that I want to build in myself. And I think that it's always really powerful to pick up good traits in fictional characters that push you to be a better person.

I feel like Lev has really grown into being that annoying little brother whom I can't help but love, even though I sometimes want to hit him on the head. It was really interesting to see how his arc played out in the end, and I think that it was one of the most surprising character arcs of the entire series.

Gosh, I could write an entire rant of how much I hate Starkey and how I would want to punch him in the face if he existed in real life. If I ever meet a person like Starkey in real life, you can bet that they're gonna have a bloody nose.


5 stars. PLEASE pick this series up if you've ever thought that it sounded interesting. I love this series so much! It really needs more recognition and I will not stop raving about this.

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