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Scaredy Cat Reads Horror | Welcome Descent Reading Vlog

I read an actually scary book for the first time and it was an adventure.

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Review: Portrait of a Thief by Grace D. Li

I finally sat down to review my favorite book of 2022 – Portrait of a Thief. This books has made me feel seen in ways no other book ever has. I already know the story will stay with me for years to come.

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Monthly Look-Back ~ May 2022

May is officially a thing of the past. What with two very different markers of my life happening this month, looking back is quite a little adventure for me.

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Hey there

I’m Charmaine and I’ve loved stories all my life. Growing up, they were a rare constant amidst many moves across several countries.

Singaporean-born, I’ve spent most of my life living abroad, where I was exposed to a myriad of cultures.

Now, I spend my time reading, writing many novel drafts, creating content, and telling myself I can’t rewatch Criminal Minds right after finishing it. It’s a slight problem…


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