Review: Golden Son by Pierce Brown

Publication Date: January 6, 2015

After fighting for his life to survive, Darrow is in a place of power. Finally, he has the means to ruin the people who have taken everything from him.

Fueled by his anger, Darrow starts setting in motion the pieces he needs to complete his mission. But to do so, first, he needs to find allies he can trust.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Date Read: August 23, 2017

Like the first book, I had to go back and change my rating for this. Initially, it had a 4/5 star rating, but thinking about it now, I didn't like it enough for that.

As much as I had a hard time reading the first book, I was interested enough to continue with the series. This one, I listened to purely on audiobook. It was faster because I had it on 2.5x speed and was able to finish it between commutes and chores around the house. I had heard that if I had trouble getting through the first book, this was the one that started picking up. It's wasn't - not for me.

To be perfectly honest, I barely remember anything that happens in this book. Darrow meets people, more people die, there's something about ships, he confronts bad people who don't think they're bad, fighting happens, more death, end of book. That's really all I remember. I think it says a lot that I can't remember what happens in the book.

Again, I had the some problems with this book that I had with Red Rising, only this time, I realized I didn't care anymore. I had lost all motivation to read this trilogy, and it didn't matter to me what happened to the characters. I finished the book for the sake of finishing it and being able to say that I had read the trilogy.

This book, being even longer than the first, was so slow. I don't remember a single fast-paced moment, except maybe the end. Other than that, the story dragged and we had a lot of scenes that I felt were unnecessary. Honestly, most of the Red Rising and this book could be summarized in fewer pages and with much less content. I didn't feel like a lot of what we got was necessary, mostly because it was almost never referenced again.

To say that I really began to dislike this trilogy is pretty accurate. I wasn't understanding the hype, and found comfort knowing that some other BookTubers I really admire also didn't like these books that much.

There are even more characters in this book, and now I have two characters that I really enjoy, Sevro and Ragnar. Everyone else, I couldn't care less about.

3 stars. Nope, don't recommend this series.

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