Review: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

Publication Date: September 2, 2014

Separated from the man she loves, Celaena travels to a new land, filled with creatures unlike anything she's known before. She's determined to get answers and to find a way to fight back.


Rating: 5 stars

Heh, it's been a really long time since I've posted anything or even read anything. My apologies. No promises at all that it'll get better because I'm in the middle of finals and still adjusting to this whole college thing, but hopefully things will get slightly better in my second semester.

It's been a really long time since I've read this, so I don't think my review now will be as great or as detailed as it could've been if I had actually done this within a couple of weeks of reading the book.

For some reason, I found it a little harder to get through this than the other books, probably because so much was happening at the same time and I had to learn to get used to new characters and new subplots. But that didn't stop me from getting into the story really quickly and doing my best to read the book as fast as I could. It doesn't help that this book is massive, which made it nearly impossible to bring outside with me.

I found that the plot was still exciting and continued to grow, incorporating so many different elements while being able to stand on its own within each subplot. This is the point where so many storylines are in play, and I can see how some of them are going to start tying together in later books, especially as the characters are bound to come back together.

One thing I can't say that I liked is the new love stories that came about in this book. I'm sure that most people are aware by now that Celaena has more than one love interest, and this book provides another...attraction for her, I suppose you could say. I didn't like this new love interest and I really don't like how it's being tied together and how it's going to affect her other love interests as everyone comes back together in future books. I also didn't like one of the love interests that showed up for another of the main cast of characters, mostly because I felt like it was too much of a plot device and held very little significance. Sure, it played some role in the overall story, but it did little for the character other than serve as a plot device to move his development forward slightly.

We're beginning to get a lot more backstory with this book, and I really enjoy that. It's really helpful to find out what led certain characters to this point in their lives and how their backstories are starting to tie into the current plot line. It's also giving me a vague idea as to where the plot is going to go as the series progresses. Of course, I don't really know what's gonna happen in the future books, aside from the few spoilers I've already received, but having the backstory come into play more prominently in this book is definitely giving me an idea of how the following books are going to develop.


Oh what am I supposed to do with Celaena when I can agree with half of her decisions and disagree with all the rest? There are so many good decisions she can make, but she's so impulsive and rebellious that sometimes, I think she enjoys the difficult path too much. It's like she wants to struggle and make everything in her life more difficult so that she can complain about it before doing what she should've done in the first place. And girl? Please stop falling in love with every new guy introduced in the books. Please stop having attractions to so many guys because they're not making your life, or mine, any easier.

I really didn't like Dorian in this book, mostly because I think he made a few choices that didn't help him. Sure, he had his issues with Chaol, but considering how long they had been friends, I think they both could have worked it out better. Obviously they both made mistakes and had a role in where their friendship ended up in this book, but some of Dorian's decisions really didn't help. That and his love interest, I really didn't like his love interest.

Everyone complains about how Chaol starts making really bad decisions in this book and Queen of Shadows, but I don't really see all of the bad decisions he made here. Yes, several of his decisions weren't as wise as they should've been, similar to Dorian's, but I don't necessarily get why everyone complained about it. More so than in Dorian's case, I could understand why Chaol made some of his decisions.

Manon was a very interesting character to get to know. I don't think I know how to feel about her, even after all this time. There's something about her that I really like, but there's also something about her that I'm not sure I know how to deal with yet. It's hard to explain, but all I know is that she intrigues me and I want to see more of her character before deciding how I feel about her.

I didn't really like Rowan all that much. I understand his role in the story, but I kind of feel like he's just another love interest for Celaena. Sure, he has some interesting moments, but other than that, I really didn't like him as much as everyone else did. I don't enjoy his moments with Celaena and I find it difficult to swallow. Their relationship doesn't make me smile in the way I did when I read about Celanea and Dorian or Celaena and Chaol, nor did I really want to see it progress in that direction. I just want Celaena to be able to have a male friend in the series who isn't going to be romantically interested in her and vice versa.


5 stars. I do want to say again that this isn't the best review because it's been so long since I've read the book, but I tried my best. I do think that the series is getting a lot more interesting and I'm really excited to see how this is going to turn out as I read the rest of the books. Definitely would recommend checking out the series if you haven't already and are, for some reason, reading the review of the third book.

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