Review: Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I finished this the day after I finished Scarlet, but I figured that I could space out my reviews a little and post this a couple days after.

Origin is the 4th book in the Lux series, and the last to have a somewhat decent cover. Which is saying a lot, if you've ever seen the covers of these books. I, myself, am part of the group of people who prefer the original covers to the shiny, new covers that make a face.

I would give a synopsis, but seeing as this is the 4th book in a series, anything I write would end up being a spoiler. But, I will leave a link to the Goodreads page to the first book, Obsidian, so that you can look up the series.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

This has the highest rating out of the four books I've read so far, but that's just because the last 3 chapters earned it half a star. However, this is still only my second favorite of the series, with Obsidian being the favorite. But, this whole series so far seems to be a 4 star for me.

While the first half wasn't bad, I enjoyed the plot more during the second half of the book, when I felt like things were finally picking back up and becoming more action-packed. The storyline was faster-paced during the second half and things really started happening once I passed the halfway point.

This seems to be a thing with me and the Lux series. Aside from the first book, which hooked me almost immediately, I've found that the following three books all seem to be slower in pace during the first half, before picking up near the last 200+ pages. I've also found that I seem to be able to predict quite a few of the plot twists. For example, two of the slighter bigger revelations in this book, I figured out before the characters did. So either I'm really good at figuring out plot twists, or the foreshadowing in these books are just a little too good. Maybe I'm just expecting too much from a series that is known for its light-hearted take on paranormal romance.

As always, I felt somewhat uncomfortable whenever a steamy scene came up. Scenes like that always make me feel like I'm intruding or doing something bad. It also brings up the memory of other books I've read with steamy scenes, most of which I haven't liked all that much.

Katy definitely changes a lot in this book, not necessarily in terms of development, but her character does go through quite a lot and she changes as an expected result of that.

Daemon...I still haven't quite figured out how I feel about him. Yes, he is really attractive, sweet, caring, and protective, but I haven't been able to understand exactly why people like him so much. I really disliked him in the first book and during the first half of the second book. He grew on me after that, but I don't seem to like him as much as everyone else does.

4.5 out of 5 stars. A good read, but I had a few problems with it. It is definitely a good series to get into if you want something quick and easy to read, but I wouldn't take it too seriously. Personally, I also wouldn't take these books out in public, just because of how embarrassing the covers are. But hey, if you're confident enough to do it, by all means, flaunt the covers.

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