What This Week •• Jan 8-14, 2023

Whew, two weeks into the year and I’m already behind on my blog posts? Sounds about right.

To be fair, it was a really busy week for me in terms of work but we can get into that a little more in each respective section below.

📚 what i’m reading ~

I started off the week a little way into The Marriage Act, which I have since DNFed. Even though it was for work, I asked if we could take it out of the package as I was getting too confused and wasn’t really getting the point of the story. Everyone agreed it was okay when I proceeded to explain the things that had happened in the first quarter.

Since then, my brain has been too tired to pick up my next read, A Magic Steeped in Poison. But I plan on getting some good reading in after I film some Reels and take some Bookstagram photos this afternoon. It’d be great if I could get the whole book read over this weekend since I’m only working on Saturday, but who knows?

I have caught up a little with some WebToons here and there during the week, namely Marry My Husband, Fictional Skin, and The Secrets of the Wilson Family. I’m about a week or two behind on all the ones I’m actively reading since work has been busy, but I like that I can get caught up during my commutes.

📺 what i’m watching ~

Hell’s Kitchen. So much Hell’s Kitchen. I’m currently on Season 10 to watch how Christina Wilson won and because sous chef starting in…Season 15? That’s mainly all I’ve been watching because this season takes so freaking long for some reason and so many people are horrible.

I’d like to finish it soon and move into the other seasons but honestly, I don’t know if I can deal with the dramatic negativity.

🎵 what i’m listening to ~

Back into my My Favorite Murder kick and thinking of starting Buried Bones. Music has been…not really present in my life since the year started? It’s just not something I’ve put on or wanted to listen to.

👩🏻 what i’m looking forward to ~ 

Today is my day off, which I’ve been looking forward to since I got approved fot it earlier this week. After 11 straight days of work, this is much needed.

Though I have to do some work over this weekend, I’m doing my best to make the most of the free time I have before and after the work is done. I do want to get in a bit of time with Bear & Breakfast, predictably, as I haven’t had time to play during this past week.

Keeping it short and sweet this week! What are you looking forward to this weekend?

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