What This Week •• Jan 1-7, 2023

Wow, how is it already halfway through the first week of 2023? I feel like I was barely getting used to 2022 and now it’s over. Considering that I somehow accidentally wrote “2021” in my journal a few months ago, I’ve clearly lost all ability to track time.

The start of a new year. Without much of a season change, it’s a little weird to me that one year has ended and another has begun. It’s also weird without school as a marker to tell me what else is new, but here I am with a return to my blog and things to talk about for 2023.

📚 what i’m reading ~

I had to change around my TBR a bit because I wasn’t able to finish my list before the new year began. Thanks to how I like to track my reading, it made more sense just to push The Fraud Squad by Kyla Zhao into 2023 so that it’d be my first read of the year.

After finishing that, I quickly moved into The Marriage Act by John Marrs. It was a last minute addition to my TBR as well but compared to what I was reading last month, it’s easy to throw in a 400-page book rather than an 800-page book.

Two books in the first week already feels like a lot but I’ve got to get a strong start to the reading year if I want to balance reading for work and reading for fun. I’m a little behind where I want to be but hopefully will have the energy to catch up over the weekend.

📺 what i’m watching ~

My dad found a few of the recent seasons of Hell’s Kitchen on Netflix so we’ve kind of been watching it together. I was a little behind where he was so I caught up on my own and now I’m slightly ahead of him.

It’s fun to watch the show like I know anything about cooking or could ever do anything remotely close to what the chefs create. My only question is why there’s always a chef every single season who insists on trying to make wontons into a ravioli or some other type of pasta when Godron Ramsey tells them time and time again that it’s not?

When my mom watches NCIS, I join her for a bit to see what’s going on. Though I need to watch the season on my own eventually, it’s always nice to have something to watch with my parents.

🎵 what i’m listening to ~

I honestly can’t quite think of what I’ve been listening to music wise unless you count the Bear and Breakfast score while I play the game. I don’t often listen to music while working because a third of what I do is transcribing interviews, but I think I could bring some lofi back into the mix while I’m writing.

Podcast wise, I’ve been switching between Morning Cup of Murder and The Golden Ratio Podcast.

👩🏻 what i’m looking forward to ~ 

I had a couple of calls with friends I hadn’t spoken to in a while. It’s nice to use the new year as an excuse to talk to some old friends, especially now that we’re all on different sides of the world. Ideally, we’d get together more than once or twice during the year to call, but with work schedules and timezone differences, I’m glad that we at least fit in a call right at the beginning of the year.

This week was also my return to blogging, which already has some hiccups as I need to figure out why my automated emails didn't go out. But that's for when I have free time.

There’s some festival stuff I’m preparing for at work that has me busy. Although I love a 3-day weekend, it does cut into some of the things I get to do because of a 4-day work week. I’ll be running around doing festival stuff this weekend so no break for me, but it means I get to rack up a couple of extra days off in lieu. Depending on how busy next week is, I might take a day off to recuperate.

Ideally, I’ll be able to sneak in some time to play Bear and Breakfast, which I’ve been loving lately. And of course, there will always be reading as I try to catch up with my reading schedule.

I hope you enjoyed the little recap of what my week as been and what’s coming up for me. As a big fan of warp-ups, this format works nicely to let me ramble and turn it into blog posts I can keep up with during the week.

Hopefully 2023 has been treating you well so far!

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