BookTubeAThon Wrap Up

BookTubeAThon is over now and it's time for my wrap up!


Page count = 0
Book count = 0
Challenges completed = 0
I slept through the first 10 hours of of BookTubeAThon, and then didn't actually read that day.


Page count = 430
Book count = 1
Challenges completed = 2
I picked up The Magician's Nephew at 12:01AM on Tuesday and read it in one sitting, almost falling asleep three times while reading it. But I finished it around 2AM and managed to hold on to it the entire time. I also completed two challenges, reading a book where the first letter of the author's last name is the same as mine, and finishing a book without letting go of it.

I picked up The Summer I Turned Pretty later that night and read the first 210 pages before going to bed.


Page count = 741
Book count = 2
Challenges completed = 3
I finished The Summer I Turned Pretty around lunch, which completed my third challenge for BookTubeAThon, reading a book I really want to read.

That night, I picked up Throne of Glass and read a little over half of it before going to bed. But that was after it hit 2:30AM and I had a serious debate with myself about whether or not I should just stay up and finish it. I eventually decided against it because I had a full day on Thursday and didn't want to be entirely sleep deprived while at a training session.


Page count = 761
Book count = 2
Challenges completed = 3
The plan had been to read while going to a training session, and that was pretty much the only time I read. As you can tell, I read about 20 pages in the entire day. The rest of the time, I was either working or just too tired.


Page count = ??
Book count = 2
Challenges completed = 3
I think I read two pages while waiting for dinner to be ready. I spent most of my day binging an anime, Bokura ga Ita, and didn't read anything else. And as you can tell, since I don't actually know how many pages I read this day, I couldn't put down a proper page count.


Page count = 966
Book count = 3
Challenges completed = 4
I finished Throne of Glass in the afternoon and absolutely loved it. It's definitely my favorite book that I've read in the readathon. I plan to continue with both this series and the Summer trilogy when BookTubeAThon is over.

After finishing Throne of Glass, I picked TFIOS up as my final set book in my BookTubeAThon TBR.


Page count = 1,044
Book count = 3
Challenges completed = 6
Okay, so I read up to the halfway point of TFIOS. No, I didn't finish it, but I'm still counting this as completing 2 challenges because I did get halfway and I am planning to finish this in the next couple of days. And you know what? I got my exact page count and page number down at midnight, so I'm proud of myself for that.


I finished #BookTubeAThon having read a total of 1,044 pages, 3 and a half books, and completing 6 challenges. I know I could have done better, but I'm really proud of what I managed to read this past week. Especially considering that I binged an entire 26 episode anime series in one day during the readathon....

So yeah, I'm proud of how much I read this past week. I don't think I've read this much in a week and enjoyed every book since last year. I'm looking forward to the #XMasBookTubeAThon that'll hopefully be running again this year, cause I'm super excited to participate.

And for those of you who might be wondering if I'm going to be doing Bout of Books 14.0 next week, the answer is no. I've already done two readathons pretty close to each other, and I think I just want to finish TFIOS, get a review book done, and catch up with some of my other TBR books before doing the FrightFall Read-A-Thon, hosted by Seasons of Reading, in October.

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