Creating Content to Fend Off Boredom

That's right, I have decided to try reviving my YouTube channel because I have a lot of time on my hands and little to do.

Though I've been job hunting since before graduation, I'm still waiting for something to fall into place. And while I'm waiting to hear back on the many job applications I've sent into the world, I decided to do something more productive with my time. Being unemployed has done wonders for my blog and my Bookstagram, so I'm hoping that will carry over to my YouTube channel too.

reading vlogs & other BOOKISH CONTENT

Reading vlogs are one of the most popular BookTube videos around. Many BookTubers do it on a regular basis as a source of consistent content. Kayla does some of the most interesting reading vlogs on the platform, Regan has consistent weekend vlogs, and so many other people do readathon vlogs. They're some of my favorite videos to watch and they've been some of my favorite videos to make.

The last time I filmed a reading vlog was for an experiment I did back in June. And before that, I filmed a reading vlog in February that actually involved very little reading.

My last reading vlog back in June

Because I still feel awkward filming around other people, I waited until my parents flew back home before I started filming. With only volunteer work to occupy my time right now, I can easily devote a lot of time to filming and reading.

The plan is to start vlogging on Sunday, edit throughout the week, and have the video done and uploaded by Saturday. We'll see if that actually happens and how long it takes before something about that routine changes.

I also have some ideas for other bookish stuff. I don't want to say what they are quite just yet because I still need to figure out how some of these videos are going to work exactly, but I hope they're somewhat interesting. Honestly, the lack of ideas was what led to me abandoning my channel way back in the day. Even now, I don't have the most ideas when it comes to content, so I'm hoping that having regular reading vlogs will be entertaining while I tinker with some other ideas.

bullet journal stuff

I really want to do some flip-throughs, mostly of my completed bullet journals and to show off my current reading journal. Not sure if that'll include "Plan With Me" videos because I'm quite a boring bullet journaler on a month-to-month basis, but you never know.

Maybe filming videos around my bullet journaling habits will inspire me to try new things and branch out of my usual spreads. At the very least, I know I'll be changing up my monthly reading spreads a bit here and there, so you can probably expect occasional flip-throughs of that.

writing vlogs

Ah yes, probably some of my most viewed content on my channel, the writing vlogs. And yet, how am I supposed to produce them when I've done no writing? I'm actually hoping that I'll start writing more because I know I want to put these vlogs out there.

As I decide whether or not to participate in NaNoWriMo 2020, I wanted to at least get some work done on Project GHOST. The poor project has been gathering dust in a lonely corner after I finished my major outlining in....May? June? I don't even remember anymore.

This is another area in which I need some ideas for different kinds of writing videos. One of my favorite AuthorTubers, Kate Cavanaugh, does so many interesting videos and I can only hope to produce the kind of quality, entertaining, and motivational videos she does. Maybe I'll try one of her writing experiment videos or attempt to follow her writing schedule for a day.

other things from my brain

Ultimately, this is a channel for and about me. I've shared some things in the past like my last week of undergrad or my compilation of one second of every day of my final semester. Those were really fun to put together because they're about my life, and it's something I would like to do more of. And of course, everything in moderation. I'm not going to be sharing all the personal details of my life on the Internet, but I do want to put some other life things out there.

One of the videos I've really been wanting to put together is something a little more comprehensive on what it's like to be a former international student in the US. There are so many confusing and difficult things about the whole experience, and I know not everyone had the helpful resources I did. So if I can possibly help by putting information out there, I would love to make it easier for someone else to understand the process.

So if this is content that you'd enjoy, please stay tuned for upcoming videos on my channel. To emulate the typical YouTuber encouragement, you can subscribe to my channel so each of my new videos pops up in your subscription feed.

I hope this actually lasts longer than a few weeks, but I guess I won't know until I try.

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