#FrightFall ReadAThon TBR

It's time for another readathon! This time, it's the #FrightFall Read-A-Thon, hosted by Michelle, over at Seasons of Reading. She does some really great readathons and has them scheduled throughout the year to go along with the seasons. She also has a Christmas readathon every year as a little bonus.

The readathon runs from October 5-11 (CST), and apart from signing up, the only requirement for participation is that you read a book that is scary. But that can be paranormal, a thriller, a mystery, or horror.

There are no challenges during the week, as it is a more relaxed readathon and the goal is simply to try to read more and enjoy what you read. Everything is super chill, and there's absolutely no pressure to read a ton.

And since I'm participating, here's my TBR for the week -

Dead Girls Don't & Rise

I'm not going to try to read anything more than those two books because I'll be busy with school and the readathon starts while I'm at a camp, so I just want to have a chill TBR. But if I manage to finish both of those before the readathon ends, then I'll pick up Goddess of Suburbia. However, if I don't feel like picking that up, then I'll pick up Crown of Midnight instead and continue on with that series.

So yeah, that's my TBR for the readathon. If you want to participate as well, you can just click on the link to the Seasons of Reading blog above and sign up there. And the hashtag for the readathon is #FrightFall

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  • Greg says:

    Good luck with the readathon! I did this one last year and it was fun. 🙂