High Summer ReadAThon Wrap Up

Hey guys! Some of you may know that I made a super last-minute decision to join the High Summer Read-A-Thon last week. I actually joined half an hour after the readathon started and felt super excited to be participating in a readathon again. The first one that I participated in was the Xmas BookTubeAThon last year, and I don't think I completed the challenges then.

However, with the High Summer Read-A-Thon, there aren't any set goals or challenges. Instead, it's a really chill readathon where you can set your own goals and read as much as you want.

Now that it's over, here's my wrap up!

When I started the readathon, I was already about 47% of the way through Evil Never Dies by T.R. Ragan. I managed to finish that on Wednesday, the third day of the readathon. I have a review up already, and you guys can click on the title above to go straight to the review (it'll automatically open in a new tab).

I didn't read anything on Thursday or Friday, but I did start Only the Brave by Mel Sherratt, around 2AM on Saturday.

On Saturday, I read about 32% of Only the Brave by Mel Sherratt, before almost falling asleep. Then on Sunday, I read another 28% before going to bed. And since I'm in a different time zone, I still had time to read when I woke up, so I finished another 2% of the book before the readathon ended.

So in total, I read 53% of Evil Never Dies, finishing it on Wednesday, and then started Only the Brave early Saturday morning and completing 62% of it by the end of the readathon.

I'm actually really happy with how much I read over this past week. I haven't really been reading much in July, so this gave me an encouraging boost. I would have read more, but if you followed my Twitter, you would know that I got distracted by anime on Thursday and Friday, which meant I didn't read at all. But hey, considering that I finished a book and made it 62% through another, I'd say I did a pretty good job. Unless you're one of those people who read a book a day during this readathon, then I can't compete with that.

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  • Michelle Miller says:

    Great job, Charmaine! I'm glad you enjoyed the read-a-thon. Thanks for joining me.

    I'm working on the giveaway winners. Stay tuned!

  • Charmaine Lim says:

    Exactly! Choosing between reading and anime usually ends with me watching anime *hangs head* But hey, I think that two books is a pretty good accomplishment for both of us

  • Febriani Savitri says:

    I totally feel it how you got distracted by anime! I have so many anime queuing up in my list but there are also so many books to read.. I may start to catch up after the currently ongoing readathon I'm participating ended. Anyway, good job on the readathon! I only managed to read two books as well.