Hi There!

If you've just randomly stumbled across this blog or chose to come here by your own free will, welcome!
I'd like to begin this with a bit of background and a short list of things you can expect from this blog.

I've had a Goodreads for quite some time now, but only started using it more frequently in the past year. However, somewhere along the line, I started to feel like it wasn't enough. I felt like my reviews had to be more focused and less gushy, and like I had to keep from posting any spoilers in my reviews (I know this isn't actually the case since there is an option to hide spoilers). I also wanted to do more than just review books; I wanted to discuss them. I wanted the freedom to post a discussion or a question, or simply my opinion/thoughts about something. And Goodreads didn't necessarily give me that freedom.
Now, I do love Goodreads, but I wanted to expand onto a platform where I was able to post discussions, questions, thoughts and opinions, more freely than I would be able to on Goodreads. Thus the birth of this blog.

So, on to some of the things you can expect from me:

  • Reviews
  • Bookish Discussions
  • Updates on what I am currently reading

I will be trying my best to post reviews of what I read throughout the year, but I cannot promise daily posts. I will try not to make any specific promises as to when I will post reviews, but you will have them once I have finished a book. I do, however, promise to be honest in my reviews. I will also include explanations as to why I did or did not like a book. I will also try to keep my reviews non-spoiler, but in the event that I do have spoilers in the review, the title of the post will say so.

One thing all bibliophiles have in common, besides reading, is our love of discussing books. And I would like anyone who reads or comes across this blog to feel free to participate in any of these bookish discussions.
Not all of these discussion will be super deep or insightful, but I will be writing about my thoughts and opinions on things in the bookish world.

Lastly, I will post updates of what I am reading. These posts will likely be short, but they will be here if you wish to keep updated as to my latest bookish adventures.

I hope that you enjoy your experience with this blog. If you have any suggestions you may have for things you would like to see, feel free to leave it in the comments 🙂

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