July Reading Wrap-Up

Month’s over, time to wrap-up my reading for July.

This month was harder than last because it started with a reading slump. It was also the month I moved apartments and states, so reading didn’t happen at all in the last couple of days of the month.

My original plan has been to read six fantasy books because I wanted to make a bigger dent in my TBR and also return some books back to my parents. And though my reading didn’t go as planned, I’m glad that I enjoyed the two full books I read and the other one I started. So let’s get into my quick wrap-up.


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June Wrap-Up

You know, I kind of like doing this monthly wrap-up thing. I tried it in the past but it never really worked, and I was so committed to write a full review for every book I read. Now, as I think about what works best for me, monthly wrap-ups are starting to make more and more sense.

I really enjoyed wrapping up my reads for last month during the Asian Readathon, so I figured “Why not continue with that this month?” You might want to grab and drink and snack before we get into the seven books I read in June.


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#AsianReadathon Wrap-Up

I don’t think I’ve written a wrap-up in at least four years. Since I haven’t really posted anything on here in a long time, I thought that bringing back the wrap-up might be an easy way for me to get more reviews done. It also helps me keep everyone updated on my reading when I’ve clearly stopped writing the super detailed ones that I used to post.


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